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GoPro 52mm ND4 Filter - ProPlus

GoPro 52mm ND4 Filter


Neutral Density Filter or (ND Filter) is used to slow down the GoPro Camera’s very high shutter speed. The ND filter essentially tricks the camera into thinking there is less light in front of it, so the camera’s shutter speed is slowed down to compensate for the fake lower light levels. When the camera’s shutter speed is slowed, the subjects in your video will have a slight blur motion. This means that everything that is moving in the frame will have a slight blur to it, and everything not moving, will still be in focus. 

  • 2 options of adapters available: you can use this filter not only with the adapter ,but also can be directly used on the Gopro camera.
  • Purchase any filter and you can purchase the 52mm ring adaptor to GoPro standard housing for a special price of $12 (Retail Price $14).
Note! Action Cameras are not included. 

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